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WILL KURTZ: Another Shit Show

Linda the Dog Walker, 2013
 | Linda the dog walker, Kurtz |
If you feel like going to a special exhibition, head over to Chelsea to the Mike Weiss Gallery and check out Will Kurtz’s exhibition Another Shit Show.
It’s Kurtz’s second solo exhibition and you won’t be disappointed. Featuring about twenty dogs of different breeds, sizes, and colors made out of unlikely materials, such as newspapers, glue, wire and wood that look like the real thing. It is not surprising that he’s called the ‘Master of Anatomy’ because of his special attention to details and the use of layer upon layer technique, giving a real-life body language to the dogs.
He spots with the humanity of the objects and is convinced that we are all the product of the same schizophrenic urban culture. As Kurtz says: we all claim our territory, take our desires and go out for a ‘walk’. He leaves large headlines and slogans clearly visible that function as a social commentator and time capsule.
Will Kurtz
Will Kurtz
Will Kurtz
The exhibition will be going until April 27th at the Mike Weiss Gallery, 520 West 24th St.


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