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The vacation rental market has grown rapidly over the last decade. It opened up new opportunities to explore the globe shifting our minds from the idea of a traditional hotel room to a “home away from home” concept. MySuites was one of the first companies in New York to offer fully serviced apartment-like accommodations to the expanding market. We’ve been hosting thousands of guests from all over the world, making it possible for them to stay with comfort of home and style of a boutique hotel, feeling like a true local. 

Since we started our journey in the hospitality industry the New York City laws have changed setting up a minimum of 30 days for certain types of dwelling.

THE MEMBERSHIP LEASE AGREEMENT (MLA) allows our regular guests, vacation and corporate business travelers to enjoy our serviced apartments safely and in compliance with NYC codes.

The MLA is suited for people who want to have a pied a Terre in New York City – a place where they can stay hassle free whenever they like, and pay only for the nights they stay.

MLA, How does it work? 

It’s very simple. You have a time window where you have the right to stay in your apartment whenever you want (reservation dates), and pay for what you stay.

There are no fees, no hidden charges, no maintenance to pay in addition to your booking costs.

We have two types of MLA:

  • Basic  MLA – a 2 month lease agreement that is ideal for “once in a while” visitors. It is free, and there is no submission process. It will be granted upon first reservation ( 30 day consecutive stays applies for certain apartments )
  • Premium MLA – a 6 month lease agreement, that is perfect for corporate, business or frequent travelers to NYC who truly want to enjoy the benefits of a pied a Terre and pay only for their stay. 

           There is an application process in order to be approved for the Premium MLA:

– A status of a returning guest or a reference of another MLA member;

– an active social media profile;

– a valid ID 

The benefits of MLA.

– have a home in New York that you share with others, same for all your stays

– get personalized services upon request, 

– pay only for the time you stay,

– simple and quick booking process,

– safe stay, protected legally and transparent 

– no maintenance fees, no hidden fees or extra charges

– on premium MLA you have a 5% discount after the first stay

MLA, What does it cost?

Our membership is completely free for all guests and all kinds of rentals. 

Your Basic MLA ( 2 months) is granted upon your first booking.

The premium MLA is free as well, no security deposit, no hidden fees, you just pay for your stay and services you order.

All MLA are regulated by the Terms and conditions disclosed on our web site, you can access them here.

Here is the link of your MLA sample

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