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Exhibit: Andy Warhol ‘Lost Then Found’ by Steve Wood

|345Meatpacking, W 14th St, NYC. May 3rd – May 12th 2013|
If you get a chance, pop in the 345Meatpacking Gallery and see Andy Warhol’s “Lost Then Found” on display until May 12th. British photographer, Steve Wood, rediscovered the portraits of Andy Warhol that he took at a French hotel in Deauville in 1981. The portraits were not published at the time and Wood simply filed them away under W, and luckily they are now on display.
FlowersAndy Warhol
The pictures show a more real Andy Warhol and there is something very special about these images. Their sudden appearance is like meeting Warhol himself, away from the crazy and glamourous New York lifestyle he led.
The portraits display the real living man with his infamous pale skin and thinness. It seems that Warhol’s sunflower is a sweet homage to an art hero of that age – Vincent van Gogh.
All the images are available for purchase as a limited edition.
 Andy Warhol

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