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DESIGNER: Isaac Krady, Brooklyn, NYDESCRIPTION: This flat pack beauty is a space-saver’s answer to a stool or side table. Neat freaks and novices rejoice! With no tools necessary, the Rocket assembles and disassembles neatly for easy storage in seconds thanks to

DESIGNER: Erin Turkoglu, New York, NYDESCRIPTION: Inspired by the soft illuminating quality of deep sea creatures, the lamps are both soft to the touch and to the eye. Filifera is the result of Turkoglu's experimenting with the translucent qualities of

DESIGNER: Li-Rong Liao, Brooklyn, NYDESCRIPTION: The folded felt side table is a result of Li-Rong's thesis experiments with different folding profiles to find a balance between structure and aesthetics.  With mathematical formula, Liao is able to apply the folding concept

DESIGNER: Isaac Krady, Brooklyn, NYDESCRIPTION: As the youngest member of the Barn family, the Barn Side Table serves as a side table to complement its older brother, the Barn Table.  It can also be used as a modern nightstand with a

DESIGNER: Isaac Krady, Brooklyn, NYDESCRIPTION: Overlooked and undervalued, concrete makes its long overdue appearance in the easy to love Skout. Its ability to withstand the elements and thievery makes it a no-brainer for city and country mice alike. Not to be

DESIGNER: Martin Konrad Gloeckle, Brooklyn, NYDESCRIPTION: Place on table in different orientations. Each orientation provides for a different viewing angle. Allows placement on items of all heights.PRICE: $50.00

DESIGNER: Li-Rong Liao, Brooklyn, NYDESCRIPTION: Inspired by Igneous rock, which begins as magma, slowly cools down and is formed.  Through the gap, the flame shines in the dark. Each paper pendant light is unique.PRICE: $150.00

DESIGNER: Isaac Krady, Brooklyn, NYDESCRIPTION: Currently being sourced for production, this futuristic form moves with the party - whether inside or outside. Skout’s refreshing rejection of the monochromatic deems it invaluable when revamping a tired room. Its versatility lends itself

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