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Membership leases

The NYC hospitality and rentals market saw massive changes since the coming of Airbnb, and in the midst of the ongoing fight between the lobbies of NYC hotels, the City, and Airbnb, Mysuites strives to offer a stylish, safe, and legal home away from home by offering Membership leases that range anywhere from 2 months to 6 months.

We like to manage buildings with transparency, and ensure that all of our guests feel comfortable in their new neighborhood.   

NYC zoning laws require a 30-day occupancy for dwelling units designated as Class A, and our membership leases apply to those types of buildings.

We have been the home for corporate housing, business travelers, relocation agency and vacation rentals for 10 years, and our Membership Lease agreements are ideal for those who want to spend more time in NYC, who are looking for a stay longer than just a few nights in a boutique hotel, or for those who want to feel the comfort of a true home away from home without the risks of Airbnb. 

 How It Works

The Membership Lease is for those who dream of  having a Pied-a-Terre in NYC, without having to pay for your time when you’re not there. With Mysuites, you never have to worry about the hassle of maintaining a place, of taking care of a property, and cleaning or paying for deposits, utilities, and fees.

You pay for your stay, that’s it. It is free to apply, and there is an application process, with your membership being granted only at our sole discretion. . 

You can apply here, and we can send you further information. Applying is simple, easy, and only takes up to 24 hours.

What are the advantages of a Membership Lease?

⁃ You have a home in NYC or Brooklyn, its your pied a Terre, and you engage in a growing home share community where you share your property with others when you’re not there.

⁃ You pay for your stay– no deposit, no utilities, no fees.

⁃ You won’t deal with any hassle from property management – we handle it all.

⁃ Your home share property will always be clean and ready, stocked with kitchen basics, and you will have additional

services on request, like maid services, spa, concierge, and so much more! 

⁃ It will feel like your home always, and we will personalize it to the detail! 

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