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WE LOVE: Chmara.rosinke’s Mobile Kiosk Kitchens

 Mobile kitchen
 | Chmara.rosinke’s mobile kitchen design |
Temperatures are going up, summer is almost here and what better time to take your kitchen outdoor. Design and architecture firm chmara.rosinke came up with the perfect idea for this time of the year, The Mobile Gastfreundschaft or mobile hospitality project. 
 Mobile kitchen
  | Chmara.rosinke’s mobile kitchen provisions |
The wooden weelbarrow kitchen consists of a portable kitchen, a dining table and ten chairs. The kitchen includes all the provisions you need to cook a good meal, such as a working area, pots, a waterpump, a stove and a place for kitchen tools. All the objects are foldablemobile and bring a smile on the face when you see them.
 Mobile kitchen
This project won several design awards, such as the DMY International Design Festival Award and NWW 2012 Award because of the innovative response to the emerging mobile kitchen trend. All images from chmara.rosinke’s website.

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