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LOCAL SPOT WE LOVE: The Vintage Thrift Shop

The Vintage Thrift Shop

Maria and Assistant Julia

Let your old stuff do good stuff is the motto at this trendy shop. If you’re in the mood to do a little thrifting you might want to take a journey to The Vintage Thrift Shop, a  unique store with all types of fun items on the Lower East Side. Open every day of the week, there’s no say to what might catch your eye, from vintage sofas, to classic type-writers, to 1960’s clothes, the shop is full of artwork and items from all walks of life.  Proceeds benefit the united jewish council so while you’re picking up a little piece of New York you also can pat yourself on the back for contributing to a worthy charity.

The Vingtage Thrift Shop

The vintage thrift shop
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Visit for a unique vintage little gadget or trade in something you own!
 | 286 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10010|

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