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If there is something that NY is best described for is its adventure. Nightwood started with the audacity and adventure of two young designers that moved back from Los Angeles into the city looking for a new challenge. The two pillars of Nightwood are Ry Scruggs and Nadia Yaron. Their style is best described on the de-construction of existing furniture and assembling it again with their unique taste of modern rusticity, without loosing the touch of one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pieces.

Nightwood Studio

| Nightwood’s studio in Brooklyn|


How did Nigthwood started? “We just moved to NY, didn’t have any furniture, very little money, so we started pulling things in from the street and started getting creative.”
The name Nightwood came from a reference to a book from the late 30’s/early 40’s by Djuna Barnes. She was a lesbian who was part of a group of creative women in Paris at the time, like Natalie Barney and Gertrude Stein. The novel was a dark and romantic tale of love lost and it painted a picture of the feeling of that time, something Ry and Nadia feel very passionate about that also works as an engine of inspiration for their creations. Nigthwood is also a literal reference because together they scavenge scraps of wood and furniture at night when people are putting out their “trash” in order to find many treasures that later will become functional art pieces.


Nightwood is all about transforming an empty space into a fantasy come to life within one’s home.


The designers’ favorite choices to work with is anything with wear, imperfect edges, old texture/patina–things that can’t be faked without the true test of time. So it is partially an aesthetic choice and partially a philosophy of efficiency and resource fullness to use reclaimed material.
These two designers have such a unique aesthetic and way of utilizing reclaimed wood that we simply had to collaborate with them. We designed the Chelseamore Suite in Brooklyn, where the fireplace and sliding door were all custom made with reclaimed wood by Nightwood.
Check out Nightwood‘s new creations, you won’t be disappointed.

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