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PEOPLE WE LOVE: Maximiliano Siñani, artist


Meet Maximiliano Siñani, he’s from La Paz, Bolivia, currently living in New York City as an upcoming artist. He came to New York for an unexpected/expected opportunity. He calls himself a constant traveler due to his art. Most of his work is based on the everyday, treating the signifier of elements. Max believes that culture is not what defines us, but the relationship with objects and elements around us; these somehow represent the culture that we live in and therefore define us.


Transforming existing objects is Maximiliano’s specialty. He examines the real concept and the relationship we develop with an object; for instance, a skateboard, and then translates that language into physical materials creating a new object, the cloud skateboard.

Khari Khari

“I spend most of my time in markets, hardware stores, soccer courts and unusual places, finding out new re-interpretations of my own reality that somehow generate a re-interpretation of the whole. I do not have an official way to start my work, but by an unexpected sparkle that revolves and changes by itself going forward ’till it ends; it mostly appears when I’m walking. I’m not completely concerned about what is next, but I am always continuing in the same rhythm, somehow being constant”.

 Cube of unconsciousness

It is Fiction then, that gets Maximiliano into his art and perhaps keeps existing somehow. He told us that every citizen in his hometown admires the Illimani, an immense and beautiful mountain; they say it’s the starting point to get inspired, “but as for me, I prefer an image imagined when it is not there in front of me to start thinking in the cosmogenic aspect of my work.

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