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PEOPLE WE LOVE: RickyCohete, artist


Photography is more than just point and shoot is all about the concept behind it and how you manage to find balance between creativity and emotion to achieve a true connection with the project. RickyCohete is an upcoming artist that likes to work with multimedia, originally from Ecuador, but currently from everywhere. He doesn’t like labels so lets just say he is an entrepreneur in creativity. Whatever you can think of he has explore it. Ricky even has a single that he release a few years ago. Right now he is more interested in exploring the visual content of things. He plays with color and visual attractions on all his photographs. A true creative rocket.

RickyCohete Miami1

RickyCohete San Juan1

“Everyone and everything has its unique beauty and to be able to capture that essence on camera is just breathtaking”

rickycohete Ma fer headshot 1

Aside all his photography and short films Ricky has started an online magazine that explores new upcoming artist and off-course a lot of new work from his own. DEXTER MAGAZINE is where you can find new music, whats going on with art and have a delightfull visual journey while you look at it. He told us “I do things because I like them, because I love them and I try not to block my creative ideas. If I have an idea, I go and throw myself handing everything I can to the universe and to the project, that happened with Dexter, with t-shirts and the pictures I do, I surrendered and are now a reality.”



Some interesting facts about RickyCohete that you should know: his name came up because when he was looking up in YouTube for his real name,a stripper was the first result he got. So he adopted the “Cohete” from Cohete Rocket, an electro indie pop duo he was a part of. He recorded five songs with Cohete Rocket, and also created a music video “Participate“.Ricky is the semi-nomadic set of good vibrations, “I will live wherever art takes me” .When you meet him you can tell that he is full of positive vibes and crazy ideas that makes his work some kind of unique. Ricky has ideas about religion and economics and happiness… Current life motto: “Se Feliz (Be happy) Make sure to check out all his creations, films, photography, definetly his magazine and his clothes too. In ricky’s web house here.






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