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Throwback thursday for our favorite designer Li-Rong Liao.

We first collaborated with her a year ago and we just cant get enough of this brooklyn-based artist and her famous paper lights and pattern designs. From Taiwan to the streets of New York, Li-Rong understands the art of transforming numbers into design. From a mathematician to a brilliant designer she has developed her career playing by numbers. Not everything is random and specially not design. Li Rong told us that her passion began before she even knew it. “It all happened in my mom’s atelier, she was a seamstress, so I spent my childhood playing with fabrics and creating new patterns. So the order and creativity has always been there. It was just a matter of time for everything to come together.”


 |Folded Felt Table with LI-RONG|


Li-Rong enchanted MySuites with the “no randomness” of things. How they appear to us as random events or design, but at a closer and detailed look they are not. Everything is calculated and everything has a process, it’s the same in design. Thats why the paperlights and the folded tables among other designs of Li-Rong are so great. Check more of Li-Rong’s designs here. And if you would like to get PaperLights or the Felt Side Table in grey by Li-Rong specially done for MySuites, you can now get it at The SHOP by MySuites.


|Li-Rong Liao at the MySuites Studio|


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