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PEOPLE WE LOVE: Doha, artist.

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Hayong Do, DOHA, came to New York in 2007 from Seoul, Korea to become a major fashion designer and artist. She was dreaming about the city since she was 13; now 28, she’s dedicated her time to illustrations, paintings and photography.
We met at the ACE hotel to chat over drinks…
What inspires you? “I usually get my inspiration through life and what comes with it”. Although she is a fashion designer, Doha finds herself trapped in the sensuality of illustrations and drawings; the main medium of her work is paper. “Paper always listens, so thats why my work is mostly on paper”.
| I wake up one day and everything vanishes |
Talk to us a little bit about your series FAIR: sound and drawing meditation.“My work communicates something thats not tangible or visible, but something that you somehow believe in and nod to”. Doha usually works by capturing a moment, an image or a sound by the arch of her hand. Capturing something with her own hands makes her get a cropped view of whats her new creation is going to be about. “It’s the power that we all have when we select and observe that makes us own a moment, it makes it unique“.

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| Where the wild things are|
“I like to translate emotions that occur and disappear. Things that hide in the silence and the moment to sit still and analyze what we had to observe in the day”.



| I am sorry, real: surreal |
How would you consider yourself? “I consider myself a high-heeled person and if I can pick a word, I would describe my work as Doha’s journal“. The artist is inspired by Tracy Emin’s rawness and its honesty, Willem de Kooning’s bold expression, Egon Schiele breathtaking work and Richard Serra’s air in his sculptures.
Get more info about Doha’s creative process and art here.

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