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LOCAL SPOT WE LOVE: Bleecker Bob’s Records

Bleecker Bob's
|Bleecker Bob’s Records 118 W. 3rd St.|
Bleecker Bob’s Records, basically a historical landmark being in business on W 3rd St. for almost 45 years and one of our inspirations for our Black Spade Suite, is preparing to close soon due to it being replaced by a frozen yogurt chain, and we couldn’t be more bummed about it.
It’s one of those few old school record shops where you can find just about  everything, from punk and jazz to folk music. They have a lot of hard to find CDs and an impressive vinyl collection which is worth checking out. It’s more of a collectors shop, so don’t be surprised if the prices may seem on the steep side. Worth a walk through though whether you decide to purchase or not, so be sure to visit before it closes in May!

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