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LOCAL SPOT WE LOVE: Sullivan Street Tea and Spice Co.

| The owner, always there to help customers |
Looking for the best tea shop in town? You have to go to Sullivan Street Tea and Spice Company. A very cute shop in Greenwich Village NYC with a wonderful selection of reasonably priced, quality teas. You can find hundreds of organic teas, herbs and spices from all over the world. Not to worry if you don’t know anything about the specialities, the staff behind the counter are super polite and knowledgeable and aren’t afraid to give some very good advice. An organic bulk shop that’s a great place to get your tea and to find a present for the tea aficionado among other little things like potted plants, essential oils and infused salts which decorate the shelves and give the shop a very home-y feeling.
| pots of fresh tea you can take home with you |
Even if you just want to refresh from the New York heat, then you can stop by and try the fresh, homemade iced tea, just delicious!
208 Sullivan Street Open 10.00 am – 7.00 pm

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