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HOTELS WE LOVE: Nhow Berlin Hotel


Check in! in the epicenter of the music world. The Nhow hotel is one of the first music hotels in Europe located in the heart of Berlin, where things go wild. Thinking out of the box Karim Rashid presents the Nhow that brings together both concepts of pop decor and surrealism. The hotel has also a unique art gallery and two music studios. Nhow is part of a new generation of hotels: offbeat, lively, dynamic and with an original local style that has a worldwide appeal.

Nhow Bedroom

|Music finds itself at home and you will too!.|


From the pictures the hotel might seem a little tacky but trust me, the experience is just worthwhile. It is almost like landing into another world and have the opportunity to contemplate all these unique designs. The membrane shape is present in all the corners of the hotel accompanied by pop posters of celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Mother Teresa, among others. The tables and chairs are minimal and are grey-colored. The selections of colors for the whole  hotel is very interesting and very shocking at first gaze but they go along perfectly with the theme of this amazing hotel. It is definitely a unique experience you can’t miss! If you have the chance to book a night here, don’t think too much about it and just do it! Some of the guests might be very interesting as well. Because of the gallery art and the music studio that this hotel offers, you could find famous artists, your favorite rock band and other internationals celebrities…..and everyone having breakfast with you in the same room!


|Making music visible|


Moreover, each room is unique. The architect, Rashid,  thought about every single detail before giving birth to this wonderful structure. The wall papers go along with the floor papers which work also well with the bedding and the curtains. In musical terms it all look like a pleasing harmonic song. When you arrive you have the option to choose between three color schemes: Pink, Blue, Pink/Black or Blue/Black and it all depends on the rooms’ location. Don’t waste another minute of your time! Fly to Berlin and enjoy the surreal experience of stepping inside this giant music box hotel Nhow.

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