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HOTELS WE LOVE: Ruschmeyer’s, Montauk


|Memorial getaway|Still not too late and just perfect for this Memorial weekend. Take a break from the concrete jungle and book a magical weekend at the Ruschmeyer’s hotel in Montauk.

Bring up all those memories from summer camp and experience them all over again, but in a chic way. Ruschmeyer’s offers a warm and playful design with bold and bright colors. The luxury is not the ostentatious kind, but for those of you who enjoy a particular brand of summertime nostalgia and who are in for the party du jour, this is the place to escape. Activities are endless from yoga to surf, so make your pick and just enjoy.

Ruschmeyer's Montauk

|Hip summer camp|This hotel is also best described as a carefree anarchy environment where everyone feel free to act how they want to. No judgements taken; it is a fun place to relax. The rooms are full of little details that makes your day happier. The details of the design come from a unique nautical touch with Bauhaus influences; you’ll see leather butterfly chairs, old black-and-white photographs and bold colors everywhere. We prefer to call it Nauthical bohemian paradise.

Ruschmeyer's suite

|invigorating white spaces|

Ruschmeyer Room

Every single corner of the Ruschmeyer’s is fresh. A beachy space that we can also call a small piece of paradise. It is the perfect space to escape.

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