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DESIGN HOTELS WE LOVE: Tree Hotel, Harads, Sweden


|Less is more|


Meet the Tree Hotel in Sweden, where simplicity dresses up the forest. With exquisit arquitecture and the perfect minimal design. This hotel becomes practical, perfect and unique. Why not create a hotel that brings together nature with comfortable design? One that offers an experience like you are the king of the jungle. The Tree Hotel offers an adventurous stay inside any of its unique rooms, like The Mirrorcube, an exciting hide and seek among the trees, camouflaged by mirrored walls that reflect their surroundings.


|Luxurious relaxation|


The hotel lives only under one main rule: “The Tree Lover Rule”, a philosophic story about the significance of trees for us human beings. Guests can relax and renew their energy while surrounded by unspoiled nature. Instead of going arround hugging trees why not go on and sleep among them in a suspended construction that will make your stay a completly different experience.



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