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Edvard Munch:The Scream

 MoMA Entrance
The Scream
|Edvard Munch “The Scream” 1895 Pastel on Cardboard|
Edvard Munch created four versions of his well known piece “The Scream” from pastel to tempera. The one currently exhibited in the MoMA is the only one owned in private hands, the other three all in the hands of Norway museums. Out of the four, the one currently showcased in the MoMA is probably the most colorful, with the vibrant pastel tones. It is interesting to see how the different sources of color give a different vibe from the other three pieces even though they are all based on the same poem Munch wrote.
“The Scream” has basis on an autobiographical text Munch wrote earlier:
“I was walking along the road with two of my friends. The sun set – the sky became a bloody red. And I felt a touch of melancholy – I stood still, dead tired – over the blue-black fjord and city hung blood and tongues of fire. My friends walked on – I stayed behind – trembling with fright – I felt the great scream in nature.”
Some of Munch’s other work as well as “The Scream” is showing until October 24th at the MoMA, 11 W 53rd St.

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