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DESIGN HOTELS WE LOVE: Hotel Wiesler, Graz, Austria

Wiesler restaurant

| The place for emotions |

Being one of those ancient european hospitable guesthouses, the Hotel Wiesler (founded in 1909) is a blend of the old and the new in it’s unique way. Possessing a great architecture heritage on the facade and interiors with an intuitive grasp of the latest trends, the hotel is far from a mellow concept in the “copy & paste” approach.

| Plenty of space for new thoughts |
With its juxtaposition of classic furniture, modern design and self-made furnishing, the hotel’s decoration pays a lot of attention to lifestyle details. Items featured throughout the hotel include an authentic guitar, an old record player with marvellous discs, a typewriter, a freestanding tub, a vintage treasure chest, and a small library with works by the great unconventional thinkers of our times. Rooms are filled with things which are more typical for the home of a writer, dreamer or traveller rather than those for a hotel suite.


 | A good place to work and dream |
In its interiors, Hotel Wiesler combines pomp and simplicity; it preserves the natural patina and makes great play with it in modern decorations. We love how the designers successfully show how many wonderful memories and stories these walls guard.

Wiesler Lobby

| Extravagant amounts of space for elegant time wasting |
Сheck out their website for more information and gorgeous pictures.

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