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British lounge
|”I’m an englishman in New York” |
New York is always overcrowded with colorful individuals, especially during fashion week. Finding a stylish vacant hotel room this week, impossible. Anyway here is a Design Hotel we think fits the spirit of high fashion in New York City this week, The Dream Downtown.
 suite at the dream dowtown
| a mélange of colors and textures in this suite |
pop suite
| pink & silver, back to 80’s pop |
Interior décor that makes you feel like you are inside of a movie, is always good. The Pop style of the Dream Downtown suites take you to Austin Powers’s apartment. Just turn on your iPod to old school Madonna and dance away in your pop suite. The round windows (which are in almost every room by the way) sort of look like illuminators on a spaceship, but give a very bubbly feeling to the rooms and not to mention the unique way to observe the wonderful panorama outside.
Library dining room | secret club |
The bar/lounge and reception areas are decorated each in their unique way. They are filled with Hollywood polish, spy thrillers charm, and melodrama glitter.  A design hotel where you can be the main character of a “posh movie set” of all the great epochs.
P.S: If you’re into nightlife or simply want to grab a drink in an awesome setting, don’t miss PH on the rooftop!


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