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DESIGN HOTELS WE LOVE: Riva Lofts, Florence


Tranquility is something we always seek when we decide to go on vacations. Riva Lofts offers the perfect combination of being halfway at home and away at a “dreamily hotel”. As soon as you step through the glass door you are immediately in a different place.It is not only the design what makes Riva Lofts interesting, but also the story behind it. In 1880, it served as a small factory and was later transformed into an artisans’ workshop. Later in 1999, Claudio Nardi made it his studio and after that the lofts just evolve into “a home for guest”. The suites are furnished with a variety of clean cut furniture including contemporary designs and artwork as well as antique mirrors and Mies Van Der Rohe chairs.The furniture dresses this place with elegance, and the lighting in the suites provides coziness. Everything, including the atmosphere, is strategically designed to bring harmony to the guest staying in the suite. All the decor goes hand-in-hand, working together with the architecture.


Take a break from standard hotels and enjoy the perks of having a kitchen, a living room, a garden, a fireplace and more commodities that usually hotels tend to avoid. Relax and enjoy your retreat at Riva Lofts.

Riva Loft


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