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DESIGN HOTELS WE LOVE: Arte Luise Kunsthotel, Berlin

The idea came up before the fall of Berlin Wall; the goal was to construct a place where artists and musicians could live freely and be able to create their art without any problems; a meeting point of conversations and debates for creatives, artists and musicians.


|Eclectic and fun|
The charming Arte Luise Kunsthotel, is the perfect place to explore design and art in one of the world’s most creative cities, Berlin.  We love the artsy felling in the décor where all 48 rooms have all been designed by different artists. The result: a mélange of design, from minimalist to pop art.


What about a room with a red unicorn in the clouds to make you feel in heaven? Roman Schmelter created a room that that transports you into an unreal world inside the four walls with its beach landscape and a touch of surrealism.



The rooms and history are not the only interesting things about this hotel; looking at it from the façade, seems like a living gallery. A charming place to be in and look at, no doubt, surrounded by art and creativity all throughout.

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