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WE LOVE: Artists & Fleas

Artists and fleas
You can’t escape from Flea markets, there are everywhere in NYC. But the best one are those of Artists & Fleas that you can find at Williamsburg and at Chelsea Market.Wandering through Chelsea Market, stopping here and there at the shops and food places I bumped into Artists & Fleas. The perfect spot to go there when the weather isn’t very good and when you want to find some trinkets and some good souvenirs.

At the flea market inside Chelsea Market you can find everything what you ever wanted. Lots of handmade jewelry & accessories, cute bunny sweaters, special laptop sleeves, etc. There is a good variety of vendors and most of them have great prices for their items. The vintage pieces are more expensive, possibly because there are a lot of them.

You don’t want to spend money? Just go to take a look to the creative ideas and products that might interest and inspire you. However, if you do decide to buy something make sure you have cash. Most of the vendors only take cash.

Flea marketFlea market
Artists and flea

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