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Ace Hotel| The iconic front desk in The Ace Hotel NY |
It was a real nomad land until 2008, yet a stroll from the iconic Flatiron building.  Once a prominent and cutting edge neighborhood, the authenticity of the Nomad, (NOrth of MAdison Square Park) started to vanish as all the flower shops in the Flower District started to disappear, most of them gone with the wild real estate development on 6th Avenue in early 2000.  There was no more powerful street with the true New York City feel than the Flower District on 28th Street. But just across Broadway, something magical happened when the Ace Hotel opened in 2008, along with the hip fashion meccas next door, Opening Ceremony and Project no.8.
The Ace Hotel New YorkThe Ace Hotel NY
The contrast between the black trash bags full of counterfeits and the über hip Ace Hotel, its restaurant, The Breslin and Opening Ceremony around the corner, is quintessential of a New York City that seemed to be lost.
The Breslin at The Ace HotelOpening Ceremony at The Ace Hotel|The Breslin and Opening Ceremony just outside The Ace |
The addition of the Nomad Hotel right up the block and Maison Kitsuné–the french fashion and music label–in its ground floor, is evidence of what the Ace started. The ACE hotel, just didn’t make a new boutique hotel, it created a new neighborhood.  As MySuites creative director and designer, Leonardo Annecca, claims: “the same way those brutal real estate development of chain hotels are destroying Manhattan, the Ace Hotel needs to be praised for a subtile urban addition into what once was the nomad land. With the Nomad Hotel by Jacques Garcia a block away, I think that the Nomad has now a totally new hip vibe, unparalleled to any other spot in the city.”
The Nomad Hotel NYC| The Nomad Hotel by french designer, Jacques Garcia |
MySuites Boutique Suites concept, whose design studio is just 2 blocks from the Ace Hotel and 1 block away from the Nomad Hotel, complete the “Triangle of Boutique Hotels” in the Nomad.  All 3 of them, make up for the best in innovative design boutique hotels in the city, each in their own unique way.   While the Ace Hotel caters to a hipster-y demographic, and the Nomad Hotel attracts a more sophisticated and stylish crowd with its Parisian inspired décor, MySuites appeals to a mixed demographic of hipsters and stylish connoisseurs that want a different experience than the traditional boutique hotel.  The MySuites business model is the new cutting edge concept in hospitality that investors might want look at; it has the potential to be the new hotel of tomorrow and cater to the next generation of hospitality.
MySuites New YorkMySuites New York|The Butter Suite by MySuites in the West Village |
Thanks to what the Ace Hotel started a few years back, the Nomad is completely changed, yet, it will continue its transformation into the newest hip design district of New York City now that the Triangle of Boutique Hotels is in it and promising some good new surprises soon.



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