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DESIGN HOTELS WE LOVE: Coqui Coqui Spa,Yucatán, México

coqui coqui perfumeria
| the “perfumeria” at Coqui Coqui in the town of Valladolid |
Here’s a fresh new take on boutique hotels worth checking out, Coqui Coqui Spa— a perfumerie-turned-boutique hotels, residences, a café and a boutique by Argentenian model Nicolas Malleville. What started out as a line of luxury perfumes and body products that bedazzle the senses made from local organic ingredients, soon became a collection of two boutique hotels, two residences, a boutique that sells scarves, hats, jewelry, and housewares from local designers and artists and a café that features 500-year-old tiles all in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.
coqui coqui
| Coqui Coqui “L’Epicierie” in Mérida |
One of the residences, “Casa de Los Frailes” is situated in the quaint town of Valladolid. A beautifully decorated room in a traditional Hacienda style with a  combination of elaborate hand-carvings, fine antiques, courtly furniture and fine, old textiles; a sanctuary surrounded by exotic birds and tropical shrubbery. It is at the lower front room where the perfumerie lab is located and where all the line of products are hand crafted.
 coqui coqui valladolid
| The Residence in Valladolid, Coqui Coqui Casa de Los Frailes |
The newest addition, the latest residence, “L’Epicierie“, is by far one of the most beautiful rooms we have seen in a long time.  Finished in a Belle Époque-Hacienda style that reflects a piece of Mexico’s history accentuated by vintage tiles dating hundreds of years back and opulent french gold mirrors and chandeliers. Below the residence, the beautiful boutique and café are located open to anyone who wants to get a taste of the products, shop or have a coffee in a room surrounded by the sweet smell of their products.
 coqui coqui
| French accents in Coqui Coqui L’Epicerie in Mérida |
Check out their website and take a look at their collection of hotels and perfumes.

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