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The best places to stay in New York City

Jacques Garcia and Leonardo Annecca cross paths once again as both, MySuites and The Nomad Hotel are chosen as the best hotels to stay in New York City in the October issue of Urbis Magazine.
 MySuites Urbis Magazine, October 2012
 MySuites– A series apartments dotted through Manhattan are providing visitors with a taste of what it’s like to live in New York City. MySuites is the brainchild of Italian designer and architect Leonardo Annecca, who selects and renovates each of the apartments, scouring the city to find the best properties in the hippest neighbourhoods.So far there are nine suites, with more planned for the future. “The first step is the location,” explains Annecca.“The feeling you have walking on the block, walking to the entry of the building. We know New York very well, so we know which blocks can make you dream and which can take you down!”
The Standard Suite‘, named for the nearby Standard Hotel in the Meat Packing District, is on the first floor of a building with a beautiful, classic black-and-white checkerboard-floored lobby. Called the ‘L.A Suite’, the apartment is all white, with a wall of framed posters and paintings referencing pop culture. The apartment was originally inspired by surfing culture, sparked by contact with some visiting Australian surfers. “They inspired us to design a chic nest for surfers,” Annecca explains. “It seems a contradiction, but that was the idea. It was about gathering found objects from the sea, the beach.”
Other apartments in the series have their own stories: the ‘Black Spade is inspired by music stores in New York in the 1970s, while the Pop Loft includes neo pop artworks and hot bright hues. But Annecca’s favourite is the ‘Hamilton’ suite: “It’s white heaven – completely white. Between 10am and 12pm in the morning, the sunlight has an almost spiritual value, it’s so calm and serene.”
The manager and concierge of MySuites is also a designer – fashion designer Sylvio Roubertto Kovacic. Thanks to him, visitors have access to luxury concierge services like limousines, breakfast and grocery delivery. And there is another added dimension to the experience: certain furniture and accessories are available to purchase through the ‘take-it- homeinitiative, supporting local design.
 The traditional hotel model is being challenged at every turn – and it is stiff competition when visitors are given the opportunity to live like a local in one of the greatest cities in the world.
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