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Can we pour you a cuppa SPRESSO?
Spresso is all about smart and practical design, it gathers an in-house photography and design department, and a network of copywriters, programmers and printers, that service a client base that spans the globe. From a modest start-up Geralda van der Es cultivated SPRESSO design studio into the full-service agency it is today. In 2005 Wendy Dekker joined the design team and Frederique Slingenberg works her magic on the financial part. Together they have reach the 100% design we are all looking for. It is all about conceptualizing what you really want. From bold colors, to clean lines and monochronome designs. Spresso creates that bridge between consumer and designer, that connection within design we are all looking for and sometimes is missed in the process of creating.
| Design to impress |
Good design is design that “works”, that communicates its intended message while captivating the audience. Thats why SPRESSO developed a four step commandment for a perfect design. First they concentrate in the deep orientation and research. Once they nailed their objectives and translate the wishes into concepts, they deliver the firsts designs which are presented and analyzed. After they have pleased the costumer 100%, then the magic happens and the designs enter the production state. Good, right?
| Geralda and Wendy outside their studio |
MySuites and SPRESSO conceptualized NYC by the block, and we are currently working on this project. We couldn’t have picked a better duo for this project and we are very excited about it. We will keep you posted on this, of course. And don’t hesitate to contact our friends over at SPRESSO for that special project you have in mind or for any photoshoots you might need, they are awesome!

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