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| Keep Chasing them Birds, 2006 |

A few weeks ago we attended the Between Wolf & Dog polaroid exhibit at Clic Gallery. This exhibit displayed photographer Mikael Kennedys collection of polaroids he has taken over the past decade. We were amazed by the character of each polaroid and all the diverse locations. Kennedy takes us on an adventure through his lens and allows us to experience an artists’ lifestyle. For those of you who don’t live in the city, check out his website Passport to Trespass to look over past archives from his travels.

"Dark Days" Mikael Kennedy  "Dark Days" Mikael Kennedy  "Dark Days" Mikael Kennedy

| Shore Leave and Dark Days, 2006 |

Above is three of our favorite polaroids taken in our home town NYC! We love the lights and different perspectives of the city that Kennedy captures. This is an exhibit you don’t want to miss so get there before July 8th!


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