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Nomad, the new hip in town

| The iconic Flatiron Building, next to the Nomad|


For the first time this year MySuites gave an official name to one of the most authentic, creative and real neighborhoods in New york City where the Art Directors Club is located along with cutting edge design boutique hotels such as the Ace Hotel and the recently opened Nomad Hotel, as well as designers/architects Hariri&Hariri, and menswear designer, Ernest Alexander‘s studio. The Nomad (NOrth of MADison Square Park), is not the “Nomad Land” it once used to be.  These past several years it has been booming with design venues and is now the new hip design district in New York City.


Madison Square ParkEataly Totes
| Eataly, right across the street from Madison Square Park, is another addition to the Nomad, 200 5th Avenue |


This past May during ICFF New York Design Week 2012, MySuites organized a circuit of design installations and special events in the neighborhood and transformed it into the “NoMad Design District“.  With its studio located right in the Flower District, MySuites gave the Nomad the face it deserves and introduced it as an official destination for design, creativity and culture in one weekend. From a quick glance, there seems to be not much in the Nomad, yet there’s many design studios, design retailers and creatives scattered in “real New York buildings”. From the hipstery Ace Hotel, its next door neighbors, Opening Ceremony and Project no. 8–THE boutiques in the area for everything hip and cool, and more recently, the Parisian-inspired Nomad Hotel by Jacques Garcia with Maison Kitsuné in its ground floor.


Nomad is the new hip. The Ace Hotel, Opening Ceremony, the Nomad Hotel, and MySuites boomed the Nomad, continues to boom, and is now New York’s newest Design District.


The Ace HotelThe Nomad Hotel
The Ace Hotel, 20 West 29th St.The Nomad Hotel, 1170 Broadway


Wood+Light–a design exhibit hosted by MySuites for the NoMad Design District during NY Design Week was a great success.  Upcoming local designers Isaac Krady, Martin Konrad Gloeckle and Li-Rong Liao were invited to showcase for the exhibit at the MySuites Studio. Next year, the Nomad Design District will be taken to the next level where even more creatives and more design businesses in the Nomad will be involved to contribute to a great design initiative.  In an event where design and creativity is everything, the MySuites studio, a in-house creative studio focused on concept & design of innovative hospitality business models, looks forward to meeting with new creative minds for the NoMad Design District to strengthen the design community of the Nomad.


Wood + Light Exhibit
|Concrete Skout by Isaac Krady and Fililfera Lights by Erin Turkoglu at the Wood+Light Exhibit for the NoMad Design District|

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