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LOCAL SPOT: Porto Rico Importing Co.

As the city that never sleeps, coffee is one of the things that keeps New York City buzzing. A local favorite, here is one of our top picks (yes, there is coffee besides Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts).

Porto Rico Importing Co.

Being in business from 1907, Porto Rico Importing Co. has been passed down for three generations. Currently there are four locations: East Village, Greenwich Village, Brooklyn, and Lower East Side. The one located in Greenwich Village is the original one that opened in 1907.

Porto Rico Importing Co.

This place offers what a coffee shop SHOULD look like, with the burlap bags of coffee beans, machines, a basic coffee bar, and the friendly atmosphere. The aroma of the coffee is extremely apparent even from outside the store, which welcomes customers. The diversity as well as the quality of the beans are incredible. Also, if you bring in a mug, coffee or tea is 65 cents (go eco-friendly!).

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