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DESIGN HOTELS WE LOVE: Het Arresthuis, Roemond, The Netherlands

Behind bars


|Jail Break|
Het Arresthuis, translates into “the trial house“, a hotel that captures you behind bars in a luxury and wonderful design world. Located in the heart of  Roemond. From the Van der Valk commodity line, this eclectic hotel combines old history with new modern design taken from an old prison in 1862 to a modern concept full of color and very clean décor.


It’s completely unbelievable how this hotel served for more than 150 years as a maximum security prison and now is transformed into a modern space with minimal details. Each room has been redone entirely except the doors which the original still stand as a tribute and special touch of the old prison that once was there. The hotel holds four luxury suites, named The Jailer, The Lawyer, The Director and The Judge; an intriguing detail that the hotel brings to the guests to follow up their original concept.

Het Arresthuis (Roermond)

Don’t think about it as an old spooky prison, but as an thrilling experience. To start your next journey stay at Het Arresthuis. To know more about unique hotels with different designs stay tuned for our next choice. You will not be disappointed!


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