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Behind the Lens William John Kennedy

| Warhol Flowers XIII, circa 1964 |

Have you ever wondered what Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana were like before they were famous? A few weeks ago, KIWI Arts group opened an exhibit, Before They Were Famous, which displayed behind the scene pictures of Andy Warhol’s factory. Photographer William John Kennedy‘s newly published pictures showed a side of Warhol and friends, which people rarely saw. Viewers were able to see the artists in their element and understand the time they spent creating their masterpieces.

Behind the Lens exhibit Warhol Indiana

| Before They Were Famous exhibit, Site/109 109 Norfolk Street |

The best part about this exhibit in New York’s Lower East Side was all the attendees were included. Photographers walked around the whole night snapping pictures and reinventing a typical night at the factory. Everyone was able to get a sense of being famous and finally understand the lifestyle of our artistic heroes. Site/109 did a great job of providing good drinks and good music, definitely a night to remember!

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