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TRENDING: Design Hostels


We’ve all experienced hostels at one point, and one thing we can all agree on, is that they were not all that enjoyable. But it seems like hostels are stepping up their game and going after an entirely different clientele. After all, hostels can become interesting, playful concepts where design and budget come together.
For instance, The Independente Hostel & Suites in Lisbon, Portugal, a 100-year-old residence located in front of the most picturesque square of the city which has been transformed into a hip hostel with 108 beds within 13 dorm rooms. Additionally there are four private suites for the traveler who may want to enjoy the communal vibe and big friendly dinners – with a bit more privacy. The Art Deco design is evident in every room, and what better to have the option of staying in a beautifully decorated private room or a communal one, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous- or have a tighter budget for that matter.


The Independente_Hall
The Independente_detailsThe Independente_detail
The Independente Hostel & Suites, Lisboa, Portugal


Another really cool hostel is City Circus located in the edgy and hip Psirri neighborhood in the center of Athens, Greece–THE hip place to be where lively bars and cafes line the busy streets and where local street artists sell their wares. The design of the hostel is alternative with a relaxed vibe to it where the designers’ penchant for the surreal is evident. It’s an alternative travelers space for the restless voyager, the escape artist. Housed in a cozy, freshly restored 20th century mansion, its frescoed ceilings, baroque tiles and wrought iron balconies go harmoniously with the vintage furniture, modern design elements and street art by local artists, while adding an eclectic touch.


City Circus
City Circus_detailsCity Circus_entrance
City Circus Hostel, Athens, Greece


And last but not least, there’s KEX Hostel, housed in an old biscuit factory in downtown Reykjavik that is also home to various artists, dancers, and fashion designers’ studios. KEX is an organic concept blending a vintage industrial feel with an eclectic, contemporary touch, furnished with salvaged materials and found objects from various places. Aside from the unique guest rooms, there’s a super cute café-bar and lounge area (pictured below).


KEX Hostel
KEX HostelReykjavik, Iceland


If gloomy hostels are indeed a thing of the past, then we can’t wait to see where this fresh concept pops up next.

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