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PEOPLE WE LOVE: Sergey Gilev, artist


| simple pictures look so good in the interior |
Sergey Gilev came to New York to open his first personal exhibition. Where else would an underground artist be received so well? Born in Izhevsk, Russia, he says: “Why am I not a New Yorker? Just because I don’t live here all the time? I know the streets, I bought all my clothes here, and everyone in Harlem greets me! I love New York, especially from afar; it’s cooler from afar. His favorite themes for his canvasses are disco balls, sea and portraits, never New York because he says it’s a “miserable” place to draw.

Segey Gilev

| the artist at work |
He paints for contemporary interiors,”what do you see in modern houses? White walls!” He creates bright spots for all these pale walls; subjects about air, ocean, kindness, and color. A true unique style that could be described as naive primitivism. 
Black disco ball by Sergey
| let’s party |

disco ball

| never ended disco |
He hates modern art. He hates drugs. He paints without a purpose. When he was a child he used to draw to “get to the eternity”, now he just draws, but nothing has changed in his technique since childhood. He finds his inspiration in the movement. “What else can inspire?!” He confessed that he had never sold a painting to a sober person.
fish sea
| bright and kind marine series |
Sergey is showing his first exhibition ever in SoHo. We’ll be at the opening tomorrow, so stay tuned for more pictures. Get more info on the event here.

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