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DESIGNER: Isaac Krady, Brooklyn, NYDESCRIPTION: Overlooked and undervalued, concrete makes its long overdue appearance in the easy to love Skout. Its ability to withstand the elements and thievery makes it a no-brainer for city and country mice alike. Not to be

DESIGNER: Martin Konrad Gloeckle, Brooklyn, NYDESCRIPTION: Place on table in different orientations. Each orientation provides for a different viewing angle. Allows placement on items of all heights.PRICE: $50.00

DESIGNER: Li-Rong Liao, Brooklyn, NYDESCRIPTION: Inspired by Igneous rock, which begins as magma, slowly cools down and is formed.  Through the gap, the flame shines in the dark. Each paper pendant light is unique.PRICE: $150.00

DESIGNER: Isaac Krady, Brooklyn, NYDESCRIPTION: Currently being sourced for production, this futuristic form moves with the party - whether inside or outside. Skout’s refreshing rejection of the monochromatic deems it invaluable when revamping a tired room. Its versatility lends itself

DESIGNER: Isaac Krady, Brooklyn, NYDESCRIPTION: Inspired by the steady limbs of a tree, this clean, geometric design is comprised of solid oak. The Stick Rack serves as a sturdy resting place for bags, coats and hats. Left alone, it serves

DESIGNER: Isaac Krady, Brooklyn, NYDESCRIPTION: A smart solution for small spaces, this sinuously adaptable bent plywood design affords a functional versatility for your home. Placed horizontally, the Tre can be used as a coffee table or an end table – its

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