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Erin Turkoglu's Filifera
As we are always on the lookout for unique and intriguing design, we have collaborated with a host of local designers on furnishing our suites, as well as showcasing a few at our recent Wood + Light exhibit.  Some which include Martin Konrad GloeckleLi-Rong Liao, Isaac Krady and Erin Turkoglu.  What these designers all have in common, apart from a great eye for design and innovative concepts, is their feature in the MySuites “Take-It-Home” concept.  Take-It-Home is our way of sharing local upcoming talent by giving our guests the opportunity to take the pieces home with them.  By curating pieces from our designer collaborations, we have dedicated a section of our recently opened “Shop by MySuites” to Take-It-Home pieces.
Li-Rong Liao Felt TableConfettiSystem at The Future Perfect
MySuites is not alone in its efforts to bring new faces to the design scene.  The Future Perfect, David Alhadeff’s design mecca, presents its clientele with the latest in decorative arts and local design.   Sight Unseen, on the other hand, has made a name for itself through hosting its Noho Design District featuring local talent during NY Design Week.  Inspired by projects we love like “The Future Perfect” and “Sight Unseen,” we hope to gain exposure for the designers we feel are changing the landscape of modern design.

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