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Li-Rong Liao
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We’d like you to meet Brooklyn-based designer and Pratt alumni, Li-Rong LiaoThis past NY Design week, a series of Li-Rong’s paper IGNEOUS lanterns were displayed at the MySuites hosted Wood + Light Exhibit. Liao’s strong mathematic background brings a formulaic simplicity to her designs, making for beautifully calculated pieces. Li-Rong’s attempts to create a sense of serenity through her ability to convert her wild imagination into realistic and useful products.Aside from her collaboration with MySuites, Li-Rong has had her work featured at other events such as the American Design Club’s Raw + Unfiltered event.  She has also received recognition for the environmentally conscious nature of her designs; her Mag Stool was recently published in 100 Green Solutions.

li-rong liao, pendant lights
|Li-Rong’s IGNEOUS paper lights|

Li-Rong was born and raised in Taiwan.  After earning a BA in Mathematics from the National Central University, she moved to New York in 2008 to pursue a master’s degree in Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute.  Her unique fusion of math and creative aesthetic is reflected in her Master’s Thesis experiments with different folding profiles, as seen in products like her Folded Felt Table.

Her work has been featured in famed publications such as VogueNew York Magazine, and the Los Angeles Times.You can view and purchase pieces by Li-Rong in TheSHOP’s “Take-It-Home” by MySuites.


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