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LOCAL SPOT WE LOVE: Adeline Adeline

It’s hard to miss all the bicycles roaming in the streets in New York City when all you see on stop signs and random poles are piles of bikes. There’s a craze for bikes in the city and more and more people swap their morning subway commute for a much pleasant bike ride. It’s only natural that people now look for not only quality bicycles with a higher performance, but also stylish ones. One of our favorite local bike shops to get a quality, stylish bike along with all the complements and accessories is Adeline Adeline,”a very nice nike shop”, located in Tribeca. It’s full of high-end bicycles and accessories that honestly, appeal to everyone. A nice variety of bicycles are displayed in front of the shop that immediately catch attention and invite you in. Upon entering, it’s easy to spot all the stylish handcrafted items in it, helmets, bags, baskets, and any other accessory you could think of for you bike, and a nice selection of the best bikes there are. If you have a bike, or want one, and are looking for something urban-chic, this is definitely the place to go to!
Adeline Adeline
| Adeline Adeline: 147 Reade Street |

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