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Bloggers: Want a Date with MySuites?

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With hospitality our specialty, we’re naturally always looking for meet new friends who live in or visit New York City and our home turf in the NoMad District. We love our local culture, with plenty of restaurants, bars, cafes, galleries, boutiques, markets and hotels in our area to showcase it. We also love travel, art, fashion, architecture and interior and graphic design (Did we mention long walks on the beach?).

So we’re just putting it out there to any bloggers, editors, designers, photographers or just creative minds living or visiting our area, we want to get together, enjoy the neighborhood, share our common interests and have a little fun . And if we hit it off, maybe we’ll have you spend the night night with us:)

photo blogging at MySuites Boutique Suites NYC

OK flirting aside, we just want to connect with like-minded people to share each other’s story, interest and work, along with the vibrant universe that’s contained on Manhattan island. You can check out a list of blog posts from bloggers who love us, as well as some nice press mentions of MySuites in top magazines from around the world. Also check out some posts we did featuring our blogger guests.

So if you’re interested in visiting our boutique suites while in NYC and collaborating with us through blogging, photography, videography or any creative fun way we can cook up, let us know! Just email and he’ll set you up on a date with us. And if you know anyone who’d be interested, please be our Cupid and share this post with them 🙂

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