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About MySuites


The history of MySuites started back in 2008 in the Flower District with the XX suite, this was our first suite and part of what later became our NoMad suites collection. It was an open loft, drenched by sunlight, with a great view over the flower district.


In the spring of 2009 we designed our first LA Suite, in the West Village: California style and a surfer’s haven! It became part of our Christopher Suites Collection. And as the word of mouth was growing, few months later we open our first Standard Suite in the Meatpacking district. It was a two-level suite that established MySuites as a pioneer of “boutique suites” rental apartments in NYC.


In the beginning of 2010 we were able to add the POP Loft to our Nomad Collection. A basic loft next to the XX Suite able to host small families. The POP loft had a tremendous success among Australians looking for affordable stylish accommodation in Central Manhattan. This was our turning point, the success among the Aussies made Mysuites grow even more in the spring 2010, where we saw the addition of the Hamilton Suite to our Christopher Collection. This was followed by the Butter Suite in Greenwich village which set a new style: very warm cozy and wooden inspired.


The Butter Suite became one of our masterpieces and has been replicated in three locations over the years. You can find now the ultimate version of the Butter Suite in the Gramercy Park area: a beautiful open loft with reclaimed wood paneling designed by Nightwood Brooklyn. The temporary home of many designers, bloggers and magazine editors, the Butter Suite became the icon of MySuites style.


In 2011 we completed the collection of the Christopher Suites with the Salt Suites, the quintessential Sex and the City suite, home of many filmmakers and producers since it opened for Christmas in 2011. The completion of the Christopher Suites in the West Village in 2012 enhanced MySuite international image and found itself in prestigious design and fashion magazines and publications, such as Elle Decor, Paper Magazine, along with many design guides. Another hallmark of our brand was the design of the Bowery Suite in Nolita. It’s been one of our most recognised suites, gracing the pages of Belle Australia, and Vanity Fair. It was also featured in the national TV show “One Million Dollar Homes”


By the end of 2013, Mysuites was managing 15 beautiful boutique suites in downtown Manhattan, That year included the additions of the classy LA East and Chelseamore Suite. The LA East features a mountain cabin theme and has been featured on several blogs and Autsralian newspapers. The Chelseamore holds two bedrooms in the Chelsea neighborhood, with an industrial rustic look made in collaboration again with Nightwood Brooklyn. The latest additions to MySuites are the Bowery Soho Suites, a hip, lux 2-bedroom collection of suites in Soho. And finally the Chelsegold Suite that opened its doors in the fall of 2015.