Nightlife WE LOVE (West Village)

Nightlife WE LOVE (West Village)

Fat Cat

Fat Cat Bar

If you have an affinity for pool, ping pong, live music, and cheap (but so good) beers, Fat Cat is your dream in the form of a bar. It’s the perfect hang out spot after a day of exploring or working (or maybe a little bit of both). With its neon lights, low ceilings, and tiled floors, you’ll feel as if you’re in some ‘90s flick (Tom Hanks or Ryan Phillippe, you take your pick). The jazz music provides a nice offset. The lineup is always exceptional, with performances by The George Braith Quartet and Saul Rubin. Before the performance, grab a $2.00 beer and don’t what you’ll say when the modern day Tom Hanks says to you, “Don’t you love New York in the fall?”

75 Christopher St

The Jane

The Jane Hotel NYC

With its élite air, The Jane is notorious in The West Village. The grandiose space has an old-world, too-chic-for-modern-society quality, and the design only adds to the bravura. It’s covered in antique rugs, wing, tufted chairs, velvet curtains, and a marvelous fireplace. Fall into the atmosphere with the live music, constant dancing, specialty cocktails—like The Punjab—and imported beers. If you’re feeling bold, grab a stranger to dance with. They’re probably feeling as elated and buzzing as you are. After all, Carpe diem.

113 Jane St

Employees Only

Employees Only NYC

Want to feel as if you’re on the inside of a club? Then Employees Only is your dwelling place (or, club). Alcohol aficionados can rejoice, because it’s mixology at its best here, truly. We love their West Side (Charbay Meyer Lemon Vodka & Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice Shaken with Fresh Mint). Also, it’s a speakeasy. If these factors don’t already make it sound alluring enough, everything is dark, moody and very, very vintage feeling. It’s like you’ve been transferred to a secret party during Prohibition. And it has the thrilling atmosphere to match. To be elite or not to be elite. It’s definitely the question, but with Employees Only, we’re choosing the former.

510 Hudson St

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