The Concept

The Concept


Established in 2008, MySuites is an original boutique concept hotel based in Manhattan, NYC. Founded through a collaboration of European designers passioned by hospitality, Mysuites remains a unique concept in the vacation rental business, reshaping the concept of a “boutique suite” hotel.


We were a team of European designers that started the wave of Boutique hotel in Europe at the end of the 90’s, working with Philip Starck and Jacques Garcia in Paris. When we started in 2008 in the middle of the Flower district in the NoMad, we had something big and different in mind for New York City. Mysuites wanted to bring a new breed in the hospitality world by creating a new concept in between stylish boutique hotels and generic serviced apartments across NYC.


As a style and culture-focused team of nomad designers, we know we want to travel in style while enjoying the local culture, but still feel at home wherever we are. This combination was something that hotels and vacation rentals could not achieve at the same time.


By creating the MySuites boutique Suites concept, we are able to offer this experience to anyone who stays with us.


And while boutique hotels are great for a couple nights, when you need to stay a work or a month, it’s nice to feel the cozy vibe and local lifestyle of a real home. Along with the luxury services of a hotel, this is what the MySuites concepts brings you.