Photographer Meyrem Bulucek Interview

Photographer Meyrem Bulucek Interview

meyrem bulucek NYC photographer

MySuites: What made you fall for NYC?

Meyrem: Its energy. It’s something else, you know? This place just makes me feel ridiculously alive and like anything is possible.

MySuites: What makes Meatpacking District unique for you?

Meyrem: I’m quite sentimental about it! It’s the first neighborhood I have worked in and the architecture reminds me of home.

MySuites: Is there a particular place in the neighborhood you find yourself going to constantly?

Meyrem: The three essentials: Chelsea Market for food, Blue Bottle for coffee, Milk Studios for photos.

MySuites: When did you begin taking photos?

Meyrem: When I was seventeen.

MySuites: You used to work with Annie Leibovitz, can you ell me about that?

Meyrem: It was an amazing experience. I have loved Annie’s work for as long as I’ve been photographing. I remember being seventeen and driving everyone crazy with my “one day I’ll work for Annie” talk that lasted a whole month! Can you believe that? I will always be grateful for that opportunity. Her team is very tight and I felt proud that I was able to be a part of it for a short while.

MySuites: Did working for such an acclaimed photographer inspire you with your own work in any way?

Meyrem: Yes, of course. Annie was inspiring to me on many levels. Just being in the same room as her was a reminder of everything I wish for myself as a photographer. I felt like I was on fire, a million times more driven.

MySuites: can you tell us a bit about your photography?

Meyrem: It’s a good mix of personal work and commercial. In terms of aesthetic, it’s always changing, but this time it feels like I’m about to have another breakthrough.

MySuites: Any advice for young artists looking to break into the industry here?

Meyrem: Here’s a cheat sheet I wish I had when I first started! Collaborate as much as you can and make connections wherever you go. Work, work, work. Don’t take no for an answer. Be honest, confident, kind and create out of pure passion. When things get out of hand on set, be the person who keeps it together, it matters! The industry is too tiny for gossips. I could go on forever, but overall I think it’s important to be a good human and have faith in your work. And when you struggle, just remember you’re a gladiator and that great work eventually gets noticed. I hope that helps!

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