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Nightclubs WE LOVE (Meatpacking District)


Lebain NYC

Whether or not you have an affinity for disco balls, Le Bain makes every night feel like New Years Eve. The penthouse discothèque and rooftop bar boasts a state-of-the-art sound system and views that will even leave a local moonstruck (even on cloudy evenings). And if you’re still hesitant, there is a plunge pool on the dance floor. – 848 Washington St



This rooftop lounge features timeless finishes to an already luxurious space. And with a perfect skyline view that includes the Hudson River and Empire State Building, you’ll know you’re in good company. After chatting and dancing with a bespoke cocktail in hand, you may find yourself ravenous. In that case, order one of the small bites by Chef Mike Armstrong. – 355 W 16th St

Electric Room

Electric ROOM NYC

For an electrifying night, this is the place. Located on the lower level of Dream Downtown, this intimate room will allow you to dance with friends and strangers alike while still making time to converse. And you’ll want to make the time to just sit and talk on their Union Jack Flag-clad sofas. Keep calm and dance on. – 355 W 16th St


Provocateur NYC

Adorned in lavish décor, the glamorous Provocateur will make you feel like royalty. Its lavender walls and LED ribbons to match create a moody and romantic vibe. We also can’t forget their year-round snow flurries and climatic jet blasts of cryogenic smoke. Here, dancing is a must. – 18 9th Ave